Moderation falsely removed things twice absolutely ridiculous What to do?

I am trying to upload decals for my game but ROBLOX keep saying it is inappropriate but I do not see how first image was just a sign with AG 8 on I was using it for a railway game signal number plate now the second is a train livery I will attach both of these I honestly am shocked how horrible ROBLOX moderation is. I dont understand all the others like AG 1 to 9 got accepted but 8 doesnt I really dont understand at all and the moderation note is very helpful basically only saying “This image is not appropriate for ROBLOX please abide by our TOS” or something like that anybody know how this could be inappropriate? I am so frustrated due to this just happening so many times in the past and has never been solved.

I do not have the file containing 8 anymore because I already uploaded it but imagine this with 8 and its the same every single one wasnt removed apart from 8. anyone have any advice on what I should do?


I would recommend contacting the Roblox staff maybe they can have a human review it if you have not done that already.

The reason why the first image was declined is because it contains small text—the rules state that images with tiny/unreadable text will be rejected since it’s a common way to try to sneak inappropriate messages past moderation.

The second image was likely rejected because the moderator felt that either the solid color could have been hiding something inappropriate (this type of ruling is common when most/all of the image is one shade or color), or that it may be one piece of a full message that could have been inappropriate if added to other decals. Moderation can be slightly inconsistent with decals like that; nothing you can do about it. Anyone who’s done texturing work for any length of time is fairly used to decals being rejected on the daily, no need to worry about it.


Hope the implication here isn’t that a bot reviews assets because they don’t.

Send a message to the Moderation Review Requests group with a link to your asset if you’d like a second review, but the above post should be a sufficient enough explanation as to why the moderation action occurred. Feel free to change parts of the image and reupload it.

but you can clearly see that it isnt hiding anything and the text is very clearly visible the image sent on the post is much smaller than the other one due to it being too long on the actual image its very clear you could see it miles away

I never said I agreed with the decision on the second image—I do, however, agree with the decision on the first image because when it gets compressed down to 1024x1024 (Roblox’s maximum decal resolution) the text becomes incredibly small and unreadable, because it shows Roblox is consistent with enforcing that particular rule. After being compressed, the text can no longer be “seen from miles away”, thus falling into that category.

heres an image I took in game before it was deleted and I got warned again

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even with it being compressed I still think anyone could see clearly what that says I have uploaded other liveries with the exact same text and position and they have been fine just this other varient

I’m telling you why it was deleted, you don’t have to shoot the messenger to prove a point that you have—the moderator declined the image because they decided that the text was too small when they previewed it. End of story. Just change a pixel and upload it again, chances are it’ll pass through the second time. I’m not sure why you’ve decided to argue about it, I don’t see any moderators around.


I needed help with a texture that was being moderated for a mesh, and received help and approval by posting the assetID to the moderation staff, here:

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I have had this happen to me soooo many times. What can I say, Roblox moderation is absolutely horrible and has been a couple years now. I contacted support and it took almost a month to get approved on my latest banned image

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Ok I have sent them a message I will see what they say thanks.

Once I made a decal of a menu for a game I was working on, and I got warned for it. I just messaged support and they fixed it. Try that.

Can you not just separate it. As in remove the “small” text from the original decal and then make another with just that small text in it and place that where you can see it in this picture.

It thought about doing something like this too, and ended up revising my texture for a model slightly, just to get get my work done… but one of the moderators got back with me within 24 hours on a weekend, so it was worth going that route. I also tried customer service, but usually they send you a canned response first, then get back with you on your first response to that, make take a bit longer than going through the dev forum here.

I will probably do that in future now