Moderation for game with user built content


I’ve been working on adding something into my game to allow users to customize their house/base.
So you can choose to go into “build mode”, can add in parts, move them, size them, colour them, rotate them, etc.

I’m currently only allowing a set of predefined decals to be applied, so I can be sure that nothing unsafe is used there.

But what do I need to do to be deal with someone who chooses to build something inappropriate.

I can, and will, add a “report” option, which players can use to flag something to me. I can choose to clear an inappropriate build, or ban a player from my game, if I thought that was needed.
I can also send a report to Roblox, including an image of the reported build (I think, if there is a place to send a report with image).

But some questions

  1. What if something was reported to Roblox before I had a chance to deal with it it. What can I do to prevent my entire game being taken down due to inappropriate user generated builds?

For a well established game I’m sure it would be clear (e.g. if I build a house in bloxburg that spelt out a swear word everyone would know it was my build not their game at fault). But how would this be handled for a less well known game.
Is there anything I can do to help to protect against this?

  1. What if I didn’t find something offensive and took no action, but it was reported to Roblox and they found it offensive. What happens then?

Should I show a warning message to tell users to not build inappropriate content? Or would that just be likely to encourage people to do dumb things when otherwise they might not have thought of it.

Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions

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Some steps you can take

  • Make it very obvious who made what
  • Make it very obvious how to use the in-game reporting system
  • Clear out player’s builds when they leave
  • Use the building style around the player builds to convey a happy, child-friendly atmosphere (judging by the picture you’re already on the right track)
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why dont you try taking a look at bloxburg it lets you use all decals and ive seen many inapropriate builds getting flagged and banned

What’s your point here? You’re not giving him suggestions or anything.

im saying that his game wont get taken down for user generated builds as bloxburg didnt get taken down ,got it?

Well, yeah, it’s the users fault. But you didn’t give any suggestions to improve moderation.

you can use http service to send the report to s discord webhook then you can ban them or give a one-week warning and also have a moderator team like arsenal to moderate people

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If someone builds something against Roblox TOS, you most likely won’t get punished for it, since they chose to build it, and you have no control over them. But to be extra safe, you can ban/hide builds that might be inappropriate, which you will need to make yourself.

Thanks for the replies!

I’ve got a label on any custom base to say who it was created by

I guess my worry is that this is of course not visible from all angles, so it’s good to have, but won’t always be seen.

Reporting option is there, and I hope is clear enough to find.
If something is reported then I log it and I have access to an admin system to be able to see any bases that have been flagged. I’d be able to clear builds and ban users from here as needed. And would forward anything really bad on to roblox also.
Or I could clear the flag if I thought it was a false report.

I’m considering adding an option to auto-hide anything that has been flagged by more than N other users, as a way to hide things until I’ve had a chance to review.

A base is already cleared from the server when a player leaves. It would re-load if they re-join

I guess my worry is that if someone just sends a screenshot of something bad in my game to roblox to report it how do they know that it’s user generated content, not something that I’ve built.
if it happened and I was taken down I could appeal I’m sure, but I’m trying to avoid that happening to start with