Moderation in game

I’m not sure if this is the exact right category if not pls put this where its suppose to be ty :slight_smile:

So id like idea for what you guys think is future to have in an admin system
I have the basic things like ban // server ban // kick // temp ban // global message…
What else can I add that can help the moderation team deal whit, bad players…

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I believe that a warning system would be useful for you where an admin can potentially warn a player that breaks the rules of your Roblox game. This could be done using a user interface or a chat command, and a command that would show how many warnings that player has in game, letting you know if the player needs another consequence, which makes moderation much more easier in my opinion.

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i like this
i will add it to my list

do you think i shoud let user see there owne warning list or make it a staff only log

I think when warned, the user should be notified that you have been given a warning(s) so they possibly realise that they are doing something wrong or they should stop otherwise it could lead to other punishments/ consequences. Also, you could maybe have an expiry date of the warnings which would be really good, so the user would be careful not to do anything bad, and the expiry date is good because if a player was warned for no reason but has no voice against admins/ moderators or the owner, the warn could be expired, if that is possible, I’m not too sure if you can make that in Roblox, however you can try. Overall, its your choice if you want the staff to see it only or the player too, in my opinion the player is more aware if he/she can see it as well.

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well for an expired warning you just add a date while saving the warning in datastore.
Id make a weak last 1 week what do you think.
I will also add their ban and reason to that log.

Something that came to mind is ban permission… do you think I should make it so for example a supervisor ban a user they cant be unbanned by an administrator?

Honestly, it depends on you and what you want in your game. If you want it like that then you make sure that your supervisors are very trustworthy.

well supervisors are mostly gonna be people ik irl i will also log and request screenshot or video prof for a perm ban else it will be revoked to a temp ban

Agreed, that would be good. Also, you could make an anti-exploit just to be safe, if you are dealing with ‘bad’ people, and every time it is detected that you exploited you would get warned/ banned which would fit in nicely with the warning system I described.

well on my side i do want make anti exploit but im more on the pasive tipe of anti exploit since ik they can be false positive

i use for example server sided chek for fegod // fly // atach(to tp user around) // speed

i also just bild my in game item in ways that dont leave that mutch option to exploit
i will do add warning for obvious things like fegod or spam event reanimation and sutch

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Just make the anti cheat kick people but if you don’t want them maybe make it notify moderators that it’s been activated. just ideas.

A repeated-message filter would also be useful for your experience.

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