Moderation Issue


I just received a temporary ban for this UGC accessory being “sexual content.” Obviously, I see where this is coming from. However, it was intended as potty humor and not something sexually vulgar. I believe I followed all the Community Guidelines by making it clear that the area was fully clothed and there was no cleavage. Does anyone agree with me that this is not sexual content, or am I completely alone in this? I’m just looking for honest feedback because I’m surprised by how disgusted people seem to be by a clothed rear end.

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Despite whether or not being covered by clothes, the thing is that this item can be used in other contexts. It wouldn’t be best to have it on the platform as a UGC…

What you can do is convert this into a classic cloth (“pants”) for classic avatars or make it as a layered clothing flat.

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Realistically speaking roblox’s primary demographic is young children so I can see where roblox is coming from, I do believe it’s innapropriate and should have been removed.

That being said I think the terms of service should be more clear on accessories like these as the way they word these and how inconsistently they act on these type of items is pretty wild.

For example there are bundles with slightly extruded female chest proportions which should also fall under the same category as this item but have not been moderated.

Either all or none should be kept up or removed and I am more on the side of removing all to be honest.


Why did you make this? That is incredibly weird to make and then wonder on how it was taken down.

The UGC item obviously had weird intent and could be used for weird intent.

Okay, what the hell?

  1. Kids play Roblox. Nearly 29 million active children under 13 play Roblox every day.
  2. Show me where in the Community Guidelines you found that.
  3. You shouldn’t even post this, you know why it is taken down.

it’s a clothed butt, it’s not that weird. Sponge Bob has nude butts but nobody seems to care about their children watching that.