Moderation Portfolio for Licksaw23

Hello. I am Licksaw23. This post is used by me, and me only. If your reading this, you are most likely interested in my services or I am interested in becoming a position to assist you.

I am a Moderator, plain out. I have vast experience, from roleplay games, to front page FPS games. I do my job efficiently and good. I am able to adapt in the workplace, and I understand professionalism is needed. I also have kindness, and I don’t always act serious and strict unless its needed in scenarios such as exploiters, rulebreakers, or people that break ToS in the game. I also can run a staff/moderation team for you, as I have experience leading and properly establishing a successful staff team that is not abusive and I have good systems I could use to my advantage when being the lead of a staff team.

Why should you trust me? I am trusted in many places, so not trying to sound like James Bond or anything, but I have connections. I also know other people that could help you in your times of need, and I do like making friendships in my job not doing some matrix crap and doing everything alone and ninja style. Ok that made no sense, but essentially I plan on working with others to solve problems and altercations in the playerbase I moderate.

My payment is nil unless otherwise stated, or requested by my employer.

No past abuse experience.

Thanks for reading, and I hope I can help you.