Moderation questions

NOTE I did not create this Topic for Roblox to notice me I have created an appeal for that

I was warned for uploading an image that in my opinion is not violating Roblox terms of service…I have created an appeal but I have got no response yet…and I would not get a response for the next coming days probably… But my question is should I press I agree for the warning to get my account back or Roblox can only remove the warning if you haven’t pressed I accept yet?? Reason for asking here because today is Sunday and I have time to develop on my game and my time is restricted but I don’t want to really press I accept while I might have been moderated incorrectly.

Questions I have for developers that have gone through this before

  • If I press I accept to the Warning, Can Roblox remove warning that are created if it was wrongfully given?

  • Should I not press I accept for the Warning until I get a response from the appeal?

  • Can Roblox remove warnings that they have given or they can only remove moderation such as Ban?

  • Can you get banned for just uploading images that you was not aware of being against Roblox Terms Of Services because in that case… I can’t risk it anymore and would have to create an alt account to just upload decals and images to not jeopardise my account…

  • What do you do to remove any risk of getting wrongfully moderated apart from knowing the TOS?

This are all questions that are going through my head. That I have researched for but got little to no information back.


This is not a discord server.

Roblox, as a WEBSITE does NOT store or save warnings and are all temporarily
You are supposed to accept the warning to gain back access.
Even if you personally feel its not violating, you can not help it unless roblox moderation allows it.

Everything is answered above, and your appeal may or may not be escalated.
I suggest that as it is just an image you can create another one (I do respect the time taken) but we can’t help it :confused:

Do not worry at all! Your account will not be deleted for mere images which are moderated.


I hope this helped!

None of this is true. If you’re warned for the same offense multiple times, they’ll eventually hand out a ban for something that was just as severe as the previous offenses.

What @CrazySnoopylove should actually do is email Roblox Support, who can review the asset (be sure to attach a link and the raw file of it), and if they deem it to be fine, they’ll unmoderate it and lift the warning.

This is not a terrible idea. Lots of respected developers do this, because false moderation can quickly escalate (and possibly make you ineligible for DevEx [a warning will not]).

There is basically nothing you can do. What I’ve heard, but not tried, is that if you explain what the asset portrays in the name while it’s being moderated, the moderator will sometimes take your word for it if they’re not sure what it is and it doesn’t look/sound obscene.


Would you press I agree for the warning to gain back access to the account?

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To gain access to the account, yes. To remove the warning, no. You can press “I accept” the warning, and appeal to remove the warning still, though.

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This has been attempted several times with unsuccessful negotiations

Warnings are not stored until they are severe enough for a ban (temp)

Where did you get this information? If anything, Roblox would likely have warnings saved to know whether somebody has repeated a bannable offense. Now for @CrazySnoopylove 's questions:

Pretty sure they can. If a warning was wrongfully given, just like a ban, they should be able to delete it assuming it was wrongfully given.

If you do this, you’ll be waiting quite a while. I would just reactivate your account, and just play it safe for a while.

This is the same thing as question #1, I would suggest deleting this question.

Of course not. If I robbed a bank, but didn’t know that it was wrong, would it make it right? It is your responsibility as a developer to abide by TOS.

Think dirty. Sounds weird, I know, but just try to think about every dirty way your image could be interpreted from, and just simply remove that line of thought.