Moderation-review-requests auto-muted for all users

I noticed that #moderation-review-requests has (apparently) been automatically muted for all users. This makes sense, as there is no purpose in tracking threads there, however muting it removes it from displaying as a category, meaning you have to manually navigate to


Is this an unintended side-effect by muting the category, or is the category slowly being phased out because it is essentially an abstraction for



I seem to be able to see the category.

Have you by any chance unmuted it at some point? I based the category being automatically muted off of a large sample size of full members in the discord server, however it is possible that it was skewed because at some point all of us have muted it and forgotten (probable because it’s useless to track new threads in there).

I’ll double check to make sure that this isn’t the case.

Edit: it was automatically muted.

Is this an issue? It will still show up in the category dropdown both on the main page and in the thread drafting window, similar to Bulletin Board (that one is muted by default too).

No, this is not an issue. I believe the category should ultimately be phased out because like I mentioned, at this point it is basically an abstraction for appeals. I simply wanted to know whether the change was intentional and the direction the forum is moving in.

We’re just making some changes to prevent unnecessary threads from ending up in Latest – so muting Moderation Review Requests and Bulletin Board for all users by default.