Moderation seems to be broken or not working in a way that is good for creators (everything is being rejected)

Recently avatar bodies was opened up to UGC creators, while the feature is both exciting and fun to use it has been plagued with issues regarding moderation. Moderation take far too long and there seems to be a widespread problem with avatars being rejected even though majoirty of people who have made, have claimed that they had followed the validation criteria and passed it and rules in within the documentation and yet they are being rejected. It seems for me at least a little bit inconsistent as to what is causing the rejection. On one hand I thought maybe it’s because I avatar is too muscular and maybe thats considered as too ‘sexy’ but wait my other avatar has muscular body and so do others from other creator, the point being is that its hard to whats the main cause and it seems a bit inconsistent. Furthermore I upload a skeleton avatar, there was nothing that I can think that was inappriate about it, it passed validation. It wasnt sexualised (its a skeleton) nor was any gore/blood used to convey perhaps a zombie/undead theme eitehr way it was rejected. Another instance was a wasp humanoid that for one isnt even human so sexualization is already out of hte equation so again I’m left confused and feel as though theres a bug flagging appriate content as inapproriate. Further, avatars that are rejected, the slots remain used even thought an item wasn’t uploaded, this is very unfair and should be changed.

The image below is showing the avatars rejected on my UGC account

This image is showing a few of the avatars rejected

Skeleton: While the skeleton was rejected, I personally can’t see anything that could possibly be wrong with this in fact it simply a plain skeleton with nothing more or less on it.
The big arm person with creep dynamic head, was also rejected once not sure why its a body with anatomy, there are some on the avatar exist, it is covered approriately, the dynamic head was approved so that can’t be causing issues.
Wasp: the wasp is not even human so I dont really know what to say taht could have been the casue to that being rejected
Demon: Perhaps horns but its part of my avatar design and fits within the size limit, it’s not sexualised or too revealing it simply a demon taht is a bit fat.
Deer: Possibly the ears, maybe its expected that it would be a separate accessory however some of roblox demos of avatar bundles (the goblin) has ears which move with the avatar so not 100% on the reason for that. There an awful amount of avatasr rejected that have left me utterly confused.
The rejection system is far too harsh, I mean we have to wait a very long time for moderation as it is very slow, having our items rejected (possibly because of a bug) is unfair, there needs to be an appeal system to for rejected avatars and perhaps this asking to much but a way to find out what the reason was. This appeal system for rejections is needed in this rare case as avatar bodies count to your daily limit even if you don’t put on sale or if the item gets rejected. Today I uploaded roughly 10, and about a good 4 got approved not to mention 2 of were from a different day.
Moderation is too slow atm that the daily limit is not able to keep up, I’m expecting to upload roughtly 300 avatars this month however I can’t if moderation can’t keep up

Expected behavior

I expect the avatar bundles/dynamic heads to go through QA as fast as regular accessories, I understand that avatar bundles is fairly new however there modertation with assets should have been tested before hand as they were with layered clothing (when creators were asekd to provide clothing items to be tested). For the avatar that have been rejected, I think extremly unfair to have them count as a slot to uploading avatars so I would also like for that slot to be returned (again this is only useful if moderation is fast enough to catch rejections in the few cases content violates TOS). I also would want moderation to be more consistent with the rejections. You’re likely aware of thie issue however I thought it was important for you to know that this how I and a good chunk of the guilded users feel.

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((Edit:: It turns out this was an issue with my model having 2d eyebrows. A new version just passed final moderation. A moderation note would go a long way on troubleshooting these problems so we know what to address :slight_smile:

I was just about to file a report on this same issue. I’ve attached my FBX file for staff to look at on a bundle that is passing verification and upload, but being rejected / deleted at the final check. Hope it helps narrow down what is going on.

If anyone in staff would like to have a back and forth to figure out what is going wrong, I’d be happy to help.


Welp, I am now running into the issue again. I left the head alone (a few minor tweaks) and just did a new body for the next package… yet I’m getting rejections with or without eyebrows / eyelashes.

So I’ve returned to being unable to proceed and fix issues without more data on why the bundle is being rejected.


Vouch. I cant get ANYTHING up. Regardless of the changes I make. It follows the guidelines TO THE TEA.


I really hope we will be getting in the future more details as of “why” our bundles were rejected, as well as having ALL bundles show up in the dashboard page. Some of my bundles I uploaded are nowhere to be seen except my inventory. How do I know their status? There’s no way for me if my item is pending or rejected as it’s not shown in my dashboard. I would highly appreciate if we got more communication on why the bundles were rejected as well as having the dashboard fixed.

With this said, I’m pretty sure there will be changes, because more UGC creators are facing the same issues and want them to be fixed!