Modern 1 Story home [UPDATED]

You might have seen me on another topic, but here are updates on the home.
It has taken about 10 hours so far

Uploading: Screen Shot 2021-06-09 at 7.56.30 PM.png… and still building it right now.

Ill be re-doing the floor, becuase it lags out the game to much.
Updated Photos:


It does have a really nice modern feel!!! !!! !!!

KEEP THE GREAT WORK UP!!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

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Thank you! I’ve been working really hard.:+1:

I mean…

I’D HOPE SO, THAT LOOKS REALLY GOOD!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !! !!!

Wow, I really like it! It sorta reminds me of a kodern kitchen I built one day, we probably used the same reference photo lol

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The counter seems empty lol. add a plate hanger with forks and spoons.

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Yea, i’m not totally done with the kitchen, I will be soon thought!

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On the counter, make drawers with stuff, maybe put a toaster and a blender? A kettle? Add detail to the counter!

I was going to ask if we could see more but i can see that you are still working on it. So far it looks great!


Sure! Ill do in update in 20 minutes!

Ok! I might add marble in top.

Here ya go, an update, I did use a bit a free models, but its late, and ill use blender in the mornin when Im awake!

it looks great keep up the great work i feel like thats what my teacher would say lol

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Probably, Lol, I feel like i need to change the dishwasher.

The entire build looks awesome! Keep up the excellent work! Although how about put a drain in the sink with some dishes, or maybe put some stove fans above the stove maybe?

I like it a lot! Especially the wood floors.

The counter could do with better material choice, I haven’t seen many wood counters.

Also, hanging lights would be a good idea.

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I love it, maybe try to decorate the counter.

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