Modern Café Build

Greetings! I have recently built this modern styled café. If you could give me some feedback on what you like and how I can improve in the future, I would really appreciate it!

Here is the link to the game if you would like to get a better view of the build:

(2) Modern Cafe Example - Roblox

Thank you for reading!


Very nice! I’d suggest coloring and adding interior. Very nice build!

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Looks great! I love the windows. Make the building bigger, more grand with that style.

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Add some Colors, space to add the board (name of the cafe)



Great cafe design! Could use more textures and color to make it more lively. Overall, amazing start!

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dude this is so slept on give this man his respect and CLOUT

I love this build! It gives me a futuristic vibe that I love to see (diversity is great!). I would add another colour to compliment this build so it is not all white and greyish, a colour that stands out but makes the build feel complete. Other than that this build is awesome, keep up the great work!

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This looks very nice! Love the shapes you made there. Oh and don’t forget to watermark your images to prevent them from getting stolen! Otherwise, keep up the good work!


Looks good :fire: , keep it up.

The number of cafés’ on Roblox is literally :infinity:

Everywhere I see is hiring devs. for café build…and related topics.

I mean there’s nothing wrong in opening a café , the problem is the number of cafés’ put there on Roblox , out of which only few succeed because of ads running and sponsors…

Tough luck for those who work day/night for their café but recieve no fame or appreciation…

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Really good build, However it’s looking rather plain. I’d suggest adding some decorations and further detailing inside and outside. Regardless, Well done! :smiley:

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Woah, I see for what style are you going. To the colors, I would definetely suggest using textures, as it would look better. Also, try making more shapes than a regular square. :relaxed:

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It’s nice, but I can’t really tell you much because it’s all the default color.

Once you color it and give it a style, I could review more of it.

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