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I run a county roleplay game, and I’m a beginner-level user interface developer. I primarily specialize in scripting, but this is my first venture into the realm of UI development, since I don’t have any UI devs on my team.

For those of you unaware of what county/state/city roleplay typically means, it denotes a game based off of a city, state, county, or other area (real or fictional), where players can roleplay as police, firefighters, medical personnel, road workers, regular civilians, etc. Popular examples include the State of Firestone [by FedoraMasterB98] and the Nation of Aigio [by kale566].

I tried to bring a modern feel to this UI, since I find things like that aesthetically pleasing. I’m looking for any and all feedback, from beginner level to advanced, in order to improve my UI. If any of you have important tips on how to scale my UI, I’d love those too!


You really need shadow, add shadow to buttons, frames


It indeed feels a little bit too plain, rest be said it is quite decent.


I can definitely try to add some shadows to the GUIs. Thanks for the tip! Do you suggest just adding them to the outside of the main frames, or to all elements, like buttons and text fields?

I appreciate that. Do you feel it’s too plain because there’s a lack of color, or could there be something else I haven’t thought of?

Plain isn’t bad. I think this UI looks quite nice. It does need some shadows though like @ManamiWasThere reecommended, I would put one around the outermost frame to start.


What do all of you think about the headers (frame titles)? Is there a specific size I should go with?

Hey there,

The design looks sleek and attractive, but it could be a bit more attractive. I hate repeating what others say, but as Manami said, you NEED shadow. Dont offset the shadow by too high a value, though, or else it will create a cartoony look on what is supposed to be a more sophisticated and modern design.

One thing that ticks me off is the fact that you fail to incorporate the same design patterns throughout. This is what I mean:
In this photo, you have a dark gray background behind the text. This looks great, and it really helps the text stand out. But, here is the problem: you didnt incorporate any sort of gray background behind the text on this frame:
If you add that background, it will help all frames flow together.

You used a great color palette that incorporates contrast. The white text against the black UI looks very sleek, and the bright red and green colors contrast the rest of the UI really well. I hope you find my reply helpful. You are a truly talented UI designer, and you have a bright future ahead.

Have a great day,


I’ll make sure that the shadow isn’t too cartoonish when I add it.

I actually hadn’t even thought about adding a gray background behind the other GUIs, so thank you for letting me know.

I appreciate the feedback – thank you so much!

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