Modern Greek Architecture (Showcase)

alright so this might not be as “photorealistic” as my other builds but I was too lazy to make my own textures pls notice the details I love them sm


This looks incredible. The textures, the style, and yes the details are beyond amazing. I have no criticism for this, may I say this is a work of art. Absolutely astonishing. :clap:

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Everything is very realistic and this has great potential!
Maybe change the photo’s, and only keep one of the photo, so it isn’t looking too bland.
Other than that, great job!

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Not going to lie I think this is the cooliest thing i’ve ever seen in Developer Forum (For now :rofl:)

Keep up the good work and gray job on the building!

be sure to check out my other creations!

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Nah, cant be roblox, I think. The lights just look to good as if its RTX ON lol. Very detailed. I honestly cant tell if this is roblox.

RTX is on but roblox doesnt support it lmao this is all just normal roblox

WHAT it is real, well I am assuming, I looked at your other stuff and it is similar. Really good dude!

You definitely downplay your work! This is honestly amazing, I have no critique for you! The building itself is detailed, and you nailed the lighting. I assume you’ll change the paintings in the future?

WOW! This is AWESOME!!! It looks like real!

wow, amazing details, keep it up!

This is easily the most incredible thing I have ever seen in a game, GREAT job!!