Modern House [2]

Hey guys! thanks for the last feedback yall gave me, with all the feedbacks and
idea’s… i made a new Modern House :slight_smile:RobloxScreenShot20200419_103955128


As by looking at the screenshot you provided the building itself looks earlier in development I can see the front design, but the back of the building looks like it’s missing I’ll try finishing it so other user’s could give a lot more feedback on your build.

I don’t feel as though there’s not enough to go off in this post to give recommendations, are you trying to get suggestions, or ideas to add to your build? As there is not much information. I’d add some more details or images of the build before asking for opinions or ideas. Because at the moment it looks like the building is still in progress. Are you going off an reference image.

I’ll try adding some exterior details such as chairs, tables, potted plants, maybe a small pool ect. There could be some sort of patio or possibly some wall lights connected to the building wall.


Thank you for replying, I am only working on exterior for now, so maybe ill touch up on the interior a bit later… :3