Modern Minimalist Death Screen

Modern, minimalist UI death screen. Text fades in, as does the blur effect in the background.
Trying to improve my scripting, I learnt a bit about tables doing this.


For how simple it is, that looks very nice.
You could possibly add a red-tint to it, not sure if that would ruin how it looks though.

Maybe #e74c3c as a fog colour, or colour correction.


Blur: Size 10

  • Brightness 0.2
  • Contrast 1
  • Saturation 1
  • Tint Color 255, 82, 66

Now that I think about it, it would probably make it look worse.

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It would kind of loose the modern theme I was going for, but it is definitely a good idea for a different style.

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I would say make the text bigger. Even with bigger text, it’s still minimalist but it’s more noticeable.

Worked better in my head, however I like the direction you are taking.

I’d like to see more of what you post @ me next time you post something.

I think keeping it out of the way adds to the modern theme in all honesty.

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I will if I remember, thanks for your feedback.

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I’d disagree. If we think about visual hierarchy, it may look fine on the plane background baseplate, but if we put it into a game scenario, there could be other stuff - though blurred - which could draw the attention. The user needs to be able to quickly realise they got killed, without looking on the screen for that text.

I ain’t saying it much bigger, but it’d be quite small on smaller screens at it’s current rate.

I understand the value of moderness the text adds being small, but I can’t read it because it is small.

You might as well change “killed” to a red color to give attention to it.

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