Modern mobile UI

Hey, here I am again with yet another UI I’ve designed, this style is modern and professional, designed for mobile, please go as hard as you can on me and give as much feedback as possible! made entirely with


Oh yeah, also, sorry for the terrible measurement and positioning.


Looks pretty good, but it isn’t as nice-looking as your other ones. It isn’t nearly as colorful.

I respect your opinion, but this is more sleek, and is aimed more towards a fashion company, hence the black and white colors, if you go to other fashion websites, you will see the same sort of style.

Super realistic, good work. :slight_smile:

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Here is a real example. Idk if im allowed to upload this…

I see. This would be a creative way for aesthetic groups to sell their clothing. Instead of a homestore they could use this!(If it were to be used, that is.)
I suppose it’s all monochrome because all of the color is supposed to be in the product to draw attention to the vibrancy of the product so it looks more appealing.

I love the overall design of the UI itself, the color scheme, design, and it overall looks amazing. Good job.

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I would change the name to something else.

I just made it up in 5 seconds, I dont wanna get copystriked lol

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I would try Rocci. Get it? No? Okay. :sweat_smile:

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Rocci, of course I get it!