Modern Noob Feedback

This is the future of the noobs. I would like to know what you think of this Modern Noob.



That’s the most realistic thing I’ve ever seen on a block game. 100% very cool for sure.

It’s literally just a combination of the Roblox Tank Top, some random green pants, Gigachad body, and Realistic Eyes Head.

Cheap and easy!

Why you haven’t let him shirtless? we want to see his muscles!

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There ya go. Here is your image of him shirtless. Why

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Best noob ever, good job. Imagine if you could actually animate him

I mean, I could. I could have him as my character, go into Studio and Play-test, then ‘Cut’ the Model. Then I have the character to animate.

Yeah, everything is possible (or almost) on roblox studio :moyai:

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Thanks for the nightmares OP. I hope I never have to see this again!

I didn’t mean for this to scare people!!! :cold_sweat:

It was just meant to be funny!


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This modern/realistic noob looks good. His smile is too unrealistic though, it should be changed and made a bit smoother/flatter.