Modern Professional UI

Hey, I have made this cool looking UI, which is modern, and professional. I have made this in, tell me how it looks, feedback is very appreciated!


I have posted another UI i had made before, and it was flagged by the community. Be rest assured, it wasnt a scam, and was just a practice, it looked cool, which is why I wanted to show it to you guys. This UI is a practice too, not a scam or anything malicious!


Apple with their stand be like. I don’t see why this got flagged. It’s really cool. It looks like an actual website and it looks nothing like a robux scam.


Lol, the previous UI i showed you guys was accused and flagged for being a suspected scam.

I like it! Very nice while also still looking modern at the same time!


This looks really cool is this for a website?

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Nope, just a practice and stuff I might add for my portfolio!

That would be very cool!:smiley:


I love it! But did you know, you can easily do this without, inside Roblox Studio

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That actually makes sense because it’s called rocash which looks like a legitimate robux scam site. I would try to avoid calling things stuff like rocash or bloxbank and stuff like that. People are really suspicious around here. Make other things like this that look nothing like a scam.

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Yes, I can! But I like external programs as they have MUCH more features than in Roblox Studio, e.g. you can make complex shapes in, and much more fonts!

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Yeah, I took your advice, and named this company “Something” lol

That looks pretty good! To the UI is a little bit TOO simple. :+1:

I agree! :smile: Its looking so cool!

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I think it doesnt really matter if you make it in or not…If it works for him its all good,right?

I know I’m late but this is pretty similar to a Fiverr listing image