Modern Restaurant/Cafe Building Feedback

Hello! I’ve had this building laying around for some months and now decided to get the good details and decoration done for it. It’s not completely done but I would love to hear some feedback so far so I know I am going in the right direction for it! It’s a modern design with different roof heights and it has a nice tree in the middle with a sunroof on top of it.

I’ve done some lighting adjustments but remember one thing, the terrain isn’t done and it’s right now just a experimental one.


How did you get the idea to build this its rlly nice


That looks awesome!

I really like how it was designed. It’s not that big, has a pretty basic shape and yet it’s better than what I saw outside!

Keep up the good work, I’ll make sure to take a cappuccino if I ever pass by :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Did some updates on the lighting. Hope it suits well!

The building is nice, but if your making a game and that building is on a island or savanna lookin place, you really should move that to a different environment.

Yup as I said the terrian is a experimental one and it isn’t the one I am gonna use. Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

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Where did you make this cafe/restaurant? I mean its make from blender or from roblox studio

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Roblox studio of course! Some stuff such as the vents are done semi in blender tho.

Hold on there speed racer, Nice Build

Genuinely a very good build. I like scrolling through creations feedback to give advice to people since it’s just a fun thing to do in my opinion, and the only problem I could see with the whole build was the terrain outside. When I reached the end and read that it was only experimental though, that just tells me that you’ve done an exquisite job on your build since my only issue with it was something that doesn’t even count. Great work!

Awesome! Do you have some good terrain suggestions?


Realistically, it would be in a more ‘city’ environment with other glass type of buildings like skyscrapers. However, it might also appeal to you more to give it a more homey or adventurous feeling by changing the setting to a forest environment or an ocean-side beach.
For the city, add other glass buildings, neon lights, a dark lighting such as night, etc.
For the forest, add lots of trees, grass, bushes, vines hanging off the building, etc. Also perhaps a dirt road leading up to the cafe that the player has to follow when they spawn.
And lastly, for the ocean-side beach, add lots of sand, an ocean (duh), plants, sand dunes, a board walk, other decorative shops like ice cream shops; anything that fits that theme.

These are all ideas, keep that in mind. If you decide to take one of my suggestions you don’t have to add anything I said if you don’t like it. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all, and I’m far more invested in seeing the outcome of your work. Keep working hard! :grin:


@Dev_Chamy Hey if you’re commission’s are open, can you reach me out I can’t find you anywhere on discord MajorSander#2308

woah, that looks very cool! Exterior and interior look amazing! 10/10

@Majorimus Discord isn’t working, can’t find your profile.

It looks super nice, I like it.

Stunning! charcharcharchRcharcharcharcharchRchar

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Looks amazing!! I really liked how the cafe looks. But the terrain didn’t match up so much. A beach or a place with plants would look better in my opinion. But keep it up, looks great!

Edit: I accidentally replied in another message.