Modern SCPF Shop UI Design

I’ve recently been working on an SCPF project with a friend, any feedback on the current interfaces would be appreciated.

This UI is a prototype, im still trying to match it with the game theme.


It looks very nice, and the dark colors make it better, since I like dark mode.
I also like how it blurs the background, so players can focus on the gui.

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Liking that design overall, it’s really sleek and smooth but the shop window is a bit too small imo.

Try making the shop window big enough to accommodate 4 shop items at once


It’s small so that it can scale properly on a bigger screen, otherwise it would just be overwhelming.
Thanks for the feedback

Heyyy that’s my game, anywho I’d vouch for this guy any day, good with UI stuff, I’m just a GFX person I don’t even know what to call UI stuff B)