Modern Stairs Build

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 10.50.30 AM
Tell me what you guys think about it! I know it’s kinda basic but I wanted feedback before I progressed further.


hey, maybe you tell @woodreviewer about your wooden grain stair, lol.
but can you show us about your quality of your wooden stair

What do you mean? Sorry, I didn’t quite understand it due to how you phrased it I believe.

The grain is horizontal, just how stairs should be. There’s nothing wrong in the grain. :slight_smile:


Okay, time for some more feedback. It looks alright as of now, but there’s a few things that I would change:

  1. Make the wood thicker. Right now it’s so thin, and thin wood without any supports is not usually a good thing. Secondly,
  2. Add supports. This could be anything from metal bars that extend from the staircase to the ground, from each end of each plank to the wall, etc. Third,
  3. Where are the railings! Am I just going to fall off? Provide some to grab on the on the side not facing the wall, and if you can’t do that, add some on the wall itself.

Hope this helps. Time for a ping: @teambowie :smiley:

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can you show me the stair texture?

It’s the Wooden Planks, No decal textures.

It looks really good. Great job!

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Alright! I’ll take this into consideration, Could I possibly PM you the Changes once they’re done?

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Where you have the wall trims irl modern stairs don’t have that or if they did it would look like


Also maybe add borders because they look to basic