Modernized Classic Crossroads (14 Year Old Game)

C’mon you all knew I was going to Modernize that game, it’s a classic!

I did a bit of Modernizing on the crossroads, it was made back in 2007 by Roblox themselves, use to be the major game back around those times, shout-out to the veterans of roblox!



It was a basic restoration and it turned out decent

Now for the critics from my last restoration post

I won’t name them.

I have also changed some of the models, here are the pictures:

I did not know what else to alter, but it’s pretty decent.

If I make up to 5 modernizations I will make them all public for you to visit.

Hearts Appreciated :slight_smile:


This is pretty amazing! I like the spin of an old Roblox game turning into a more modern map without taking away the original style that it had.

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That’s the whole point of Restoring things, keeping that nice old style but making it good for this present day, if you have any ideas on what else to bring back let me know :slight_smile:

hmm i like crossroads is my fav map that was ever created and you made it look even better :star_struck:

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The only thing you really did was change the materials of the original models and replace some models with free models. There are a lot fo floating parts just by what you showed. Everything that you changed as far as I can tell is made up of free models. This isn’t really a restoration when you did no actual work to restore the classic game.


Go to google since you the critics don’t know what restoration means


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Please use proper grammar and read through what I posted. I’m giving feedback and that is the point of posting topics in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations. Don’t expect everyone to say your build is wonderful.

I would just like to point out that I actually do know what restoration is. This would be really interesting if you didn’t just use free models to restore crossroads.


This is more a modernization of Crossroads as it is a restoration of it. When I think of restoring something, I think of fixing up a fading painting. In my opinion, there was nothing to fix up here. All you did was change the materials and add in a new skybox and some lighting.


I first used remaster, then restoration, now modernize, hope that works!

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I really like how u made a old roblox game to this! Well done!

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Wow ! You did so much better then last time.

I could without a doubt say this is awesome, good job.

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Woah! I was trying to make a classic styled game like that model, but you really made it look great while having it keep that classic Roblox feeling.

Good job!

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OP why are you so aggressive when getting criticized. If you want to grow, then be wary you don’t do that through listening to compliments alone, rather through constructive criticism aswell. If you do not want constructive criticism, then you are only hurting your own self.


Looks good, still has some of the old assets, i like it :+1:

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The classic one seems to have that green-yellowish tint in lighting. But the restored one is white

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To be honest, it’s great! But I don’t feel like pine trees fit in crossroads.

Another thing, maybe adjust the grass color, because it looks so dark, to me it just doesn’t fit with crossroads.

And the castle area grass needs to be darker.

Here’s a reference picture of the castle area.

Incase you don’t know what I mean by “areas”, I’ll explain.

In Crossroads, there are four areas in the game.

  • Tower : A simple, five-story tower with a walkway nearby to the Castle and another walkway that can go to the Building Area. The “castle” part of the model was partially taken from the lost 2005 minigame, “King Arthur’s Castle”
  • Hospital : A clinic with a classic playground set that would later be used in the Happy Home in Robloxia.
  • Building Area : a brick palette in five different colors to build with.
  • Castle : A castle gate with two towers

(This was from the Roblox wiki page on CrossRoads)

But again, nice work!

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