Modify default chat system

I don’t know if this is the correct category, I hope so.

I want to have all the chat features that the default chat system has, but I want my players to not be able to read a global chat.

My game is horror category and i want them to only be able to talk by bubble chats (Must be close to read the bubbles)

Do you know how to do it?

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I think I understand what you want so ima give a shot at helping:

  1. In studio, simply play the game.
  2. In Explorer, look for the Chat section
  3. Inside the Chat section, you should see these inside of it
  4. Add everything inside there to your clipboard.
  5. Stop the Play session and paste everything into the chat section.
  6. Locate ChatSettings by following this directory:
  7. Open Chat Settings.
  8. On line 27 and 28, you can change the values to either true or false. (Although for you, set ClassicChatEnabled to false)

I thought that was the solution, but seems that It just deletes the window

What I want is that the window won’t show messages.

But system messages like a friend joining and badges yes.

In ChatSettings, there’s an option which allows you to disable the friends joining notification. At line 24 in the ChatSettings, there’s a line that has:

module.ShowFriendJoinNotification = true

Setting this to false should friends joining, but to hide the badges, I’m not really sure how to do that, but I think it involves with the CoreGui

And even if I could delete all the messages, would be enough, but it deletes the whole window and can’t even chat!

I think you might’ve accidentally tampered with something in the chat script or you might’ve forgot a certain part, since usually disabling ClassicChat makes it so player’s cannot see the global chat, and are forced to only read the chat bubble.

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You can just disable normal chat and enable bubble chat in game settings. You don’t need to modify any code for this

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I see what happened, reading and following the logic, realized it takes default values from Players Service and the default bubble chat is disabled, kept reading some more code and there is a statement that checks if both values are false and blocks the whole window.

The complete solution is set bubble to true and classic chat to false, because you can’t change default in the Players Service

Thx u!!!

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Can’t find that setting, where is it?

Roblox removed the function to change it in game settings, so you now have to do an alternative method.

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WAIT A SECOND are bubble chats filtered? I wrote a bad word and it completely appeared!

Chat bubbles are filtered, but not in studio. In studio, you have full freedom to say anything you want. In the actual game, you cant say swear words.

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Interesting! I’m looking for a way to modify these chat bubbles tho, they get quite big when you zoom out, I want to set a max distance.

You can experiment with chat such as:

  • Changing the text color and bubble color transparency
  • Changing the Font of the both Classic Chat and Bubble Chat
  • Chat Bubble Distance
  • Change Text Color
  • Change System Messages such as friends joining or team change notifications.
  • And Many More!
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