Module keeps getting CD'ed

Has happened multiple times recently and I keep having to re-upload

This also happened with me on the following ModuleScripts:

I emailed appeals and they forwarded it to info, and they said they don’t have a reason why these were deleted and that they cannot be restored. I didn’t have these saved on my computer so it’s kind of annoying they just got nuked from orbit with zero explanation.

Yeah, luckily I have mine saved so I can just re-upload

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there are any moderation actions associated with the files mentioned in this thread. I’m going to be kicking the thread over to web bugs for further consideration.

In the meantime: have either of you attempted to revert to an earlier version of your model in the configuration page around the time this occurred?

The models I posted have only one version (their current ones). The version history (or lack thereof) doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Just occured again.

I tried reverting to an old version and then back but it didn’t work, I had to re-upload it