Module Script It's local or server?

I’m making a clicker, and I want to give the player coins when pressing the button, but I don’t want to do it trivially, I want to make a function in a modular script that will give coins, and make visual changes with the button. And in the local script I want to call this function when clicking on the button. I also want to make an auto clicker and just once a second to call this function.

Question how to do it? can you give me an example of a script?
2. How do I pass the player and the button to the modular script?
3. can it work with local things

Please do NOT send me the documentation of the modular script.

A couple of bits you need to do.

  • Add the player’s data increase on the server, otherwise it will not replicate (and therefore not save).
  • Do anything to do with the GUI and the autoclicker on the client.

Why do you want to use a module? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

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