Module script open source licencing

With the new changes to closed source modules, perhaps it would also be time to consider adding a new set of use licences (for modules) to boost the number of developers who share their work.

In a similar way to how github allows users to attach a licence to a repository which dictates the level of freedom others have with their scripts.

You would basically be getting the best of both worlds.

Developers would be encouraged to publish their modules without obsfucation since they would be protected by the licence - and game creators would have full access to the source code of any modules they run in their game.

An example using the Creative Commons license family:

I understand that there would need to be some system in place to enforce these, but maybe similarity checking could be used before passing a case to moderation to reduce their workload.

Any feedback or opinions would be appreciated!


I don’t see why this would stop people from just copy and pasting modules (and publishing them as their own) but if some system was put in place to make that harder or make it less annoying to get a stolen asset removed, this would be a fine addition to it.