Module to make your life easier – updated module, use it to create parts from template fast




Just TweenService.

What unique things does this module have?


this is literally a wrapper for in-house Instance APIs


i told, this is for repeating process, like making bullets for 20 types of weapon, you have to install part every time, tweening is option too, because you can set template to use for multi scripts, clearing is clearing with if statement, finding is something like clearing with 2 statements too, and the most important is Create() i don’t included it there because it’s more complex, many times i had problems with making pattern things

this have statements too, if you make find first child you can’t make it more precise than class and name and statement, this makes everything of that at once, i told this is a little help, not many, and creating part from template is easier than creating it every time in 20 scripts

that is why module scripts exist, lol

if I wanted to create a new part from a template I would just store it in a dictionary with properties.


but you are maybe know how to do it?, if i would be noob and i don’t know how to write module functions or i’m not a scripter and i only know how to fire them?, this module is for begineers, not everyone can make a working computer in minecraft. and this have functions to prevent errors, my friend started scripting, and he don’t know how to fix some errors, i know many beginers that don’t know how to fix things, soo don’t tell this is not usefull, it’s usefull but not for everyone, it’s make begineer’s life easier by making things for them and saving their time.

thats why you learn, you don’t use an utterly useless utility module that you could create yourself, that also is specified for your needs.

you cannot make the argument “its for beginners” because as I said its literally a wrapper that you could make yourself in seconds.


you can make in seconds, but if someone don’t wan’t to create it? if someone wan’t pre-made thing? or someone wan’t to learn how to do it? it’s resource, everyone can use it, if you think i rewriting API, i told you, API can’t do two things at once, and this makes it, you are good at scripting, but if someone have limited time?, this is simple module, and the main thing is to create part from template, this rewrited api functions is a slighty better because no errors can occur, but creating parts from api are usefull for someone who wan’t to use it. Soo don’t tell me it’s rewrite 100% because i made it for everyone, not everyone can make it in 1 minute you know?

and if you don’t need it, simply don’t use it, maybe for you it’s rewrited trash, but for someone else it’s a learning resource, keep it in mind please.

I wouldn’t consider a single line wrapper a learning resource, it’s really just a bad practice. It will only make peoples lives harder because this will not manage your own game resources in a correct manner.


maybe, but everyone is different, if you understand it’s a module to make things, how many times you had to rewrite code when you started?, how many times you had to learn from someone’s mistakes? maybe this is bad practice, maybe this is good, someone can learn from my mistakes to be better, and someone can use it if he don’t know how to script. It’s not a wrapper, i only using module to compress two methoods into one, and make your code more visible a bit, i don’t tell this is life saver , this is only module. A bit of code, you can learn from it or make mistakes, it depends on you

Why should we use this over the very intuitive RbxUtility.Create?

I guess this module technically has less typing and is faster.

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my module is faster or RBXUtility? idk, i give it because its usefull to me, and those functions like find and clear and tween are simply. useless, yea i think it’s useless i only wanted to module have more than 1 function, but i made it because i wanted to make a part from pattern, i used it to make bullets and abilities, soo if you wan’t it, use it, this module is made simplier, and i can say, 4 functions are useless, but .Create is usefull for me

and if you don’t like to use those 4 functions, you can delete them, only .Create is important because it’s faster than You have to create template once, like bullet or something and then use it, simple yea?

It internally uses so there’s no way that it’s faster

I hope the OP isn’t not trying to be like Ashp1116 who brags about his module being faster than roblox’s one when it internally uses roblox’s one (the point was to have a lua version of rbxts-altmake)

If you want to make a part from templates fast, part:Clone() exists and is designed for this purpose, which makes this useless


ok yea, i wanted to make module, maybe tutorial still is good, i have no idea what i can do to make that will be usefull for others xd, thank you for opinion

I meant faster to type because all the properties are predefined into parameters of a function.

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