Module with country flags (emojis) indexed by the country code

I was adding region flags to my game today, and I had a lot of trouble finding a module/resource of country flags that were emojis and I could use.

So I created a quick module that is about 1k lines which has almost every country code Roblox supports and the emoji for the flag. (It may have more than Roblox uses, the source I found had some weird ones)

Everything is indexed by the country code so it is fairly easy to use.

Each country code has an array that looks like this

US = {
   Emoji = "🇺🇸", -- This may not look like a flag, but when displayed in chat for example it does.
   Name = 'UnitedStates'

The naming may not contain spaces, this came down to the fact the source I used for this didn’t have spaces in their names, and I didn’t feel like adding to it.

Anyway not much more to say, if you have a problem with this just let me know.


This is really cool! I will definitely use this…

Sorry to bump, but this is amazing. I think Dev’s should use this instead of wasting their time making their own.