ModuleScript question

Hi, I have this modulescript:
return {

[“Owner”] = 7529276835,

[“Developer”] = 7529273928,

[“Overseer”] = 7529268207,

[“InternalSecurity”] = 6523858394,

[“Upholder”] = 7529261195,

[“Judicial”] = 4759519079,

[“RobloxAdmin”] = 7529253809,

[“VideoStar”] = 7529249715,

[“Premium”] = 6071020687


I’d like to get data from a modulescript, so let’s say I want the value of Premium, how do I get it from another script? I already required it and everything just don’t know how to get the data itself.

If you already required it, just do this:

local stuff = require(modulescript) --This is just a placeholder so it makes sense


Just use


To access the value