ModuleScript Require Deadlock needs an error message

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to track a modulescript require deadlock.

Given the scenario you have 2 modulescripts, A and B.

If A requires B and B requires A to run, both scripts encounter deadlock. There is no error message that is generated from this occurence.

Therefore, if any other script tries to require modulescript A, it will keep running forever trying to require A, which obviously is not a good thing.

I request an error message whenever this loop occurs, as sometimes this error cannot be dissected unless you step very tediously through your directory tree, which can take significant time if you have a large codebase. Perhaps something similar to a warning message generated if “WaitForChild()” takes too long…

(For context, this just happened to me and took me 30 minutes to debug, but would’ve taken me 2 seconds to debug if an error message was printed to the output)


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