Mom took the xbox away so lets make the house fly (sandbox game)

Mom took the xbox away so lets make the house fly. - Roblox

Mother took your xbox! So your going to do the ultimate pay back and make the house fly.

This is a sandbox game i made and i already enjoy messing around with it!
Its all about making things and then launching them into space!

Tell me what you think! And suggest things i should add to the game!
Also report bugs if you find any… Not including Roblox physics mess ups.

Some things im considering adding

  1. Thrusters
  2. springs
  3. wheels? (maybe)
  4. ability to connect things with ropes.
  5. GUNS. (yes.)

You should make the Balloons slightly larger and more powerful, it took me a while to get her floating, lol. But I love this, please don’t stop developing this!!!

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I really like this concept, but as @/NobleBuild said, the balloons simply arent powerful enough, I spent around 20 minutes trying to make the house that was originally in the map there fly, in the end I got kinda bored so I literally placed a seat, sat on it, and attached a few balloons to it. Great game though, id like to see what you do with it! :slight_smile:

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  1. How does the placement system work? It seems broken to me.
  2. I’m getting insane FPS drops
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I noticed that too i just have to keep tweaking the power of the balloons and the weight of the house to get it just right!

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How does it seem broken?

And the fps drops might have something to do with the amount of Roblox physics im relying on but i don’t know.

As in I can’t move the pieces of furniture around with my mouse.

You have to click and hold with your mouse to move objects, if thats not the problem then there might be a bug somewhere

Add rocket launcher and grapple gun gamepass I need them so bad

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I see you’ve made a lot of progress in just one month! The sound design is more refined, the scenery is larger scale, the balloons are just the right amount of power, and the game runs better too! My only complaint is the lighting, as the specular scale washes away all the colors.

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