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Greetings! Welcome to Monaco Bakery’s official public handbook! This handbook was created to further inform our community members about general procedures and protocols at our establishment. Monaco Bakery was founded on October 14th by ScriptedJulia. We are an upcoming, innovative bakery that will be introducing new features and providing our guests and staff with new experiences. Our team prides ourselves on our excellent service and inclusive environment for all, and we will continue to provide a safe and efficient place for everyone. We hope this will answer any questions you may have. After reading the handbook and questions persist, our team is more than happy and ready to help answer any questions individuals may have.

Last Update: 1/09/21

Alliance Guide

In the case where you would like to form a partnership with Monaco Bakery, there are a specific set of designated requirements needed in order to possibly achieve this alliance. In the scenario where you are unable to meet these requirements, we will fail your application immediately until you are able to fulfill them. Monaco Bakery strives for a healthy and efficient connection between our partners and we would like to ensure that the groups we ally with are able to meet our expectations.

  • Group must obtain 500+ non-botted members.
  • Must have a positive reputation and enforce professionalism.
  • No past instances of scamming, free ranking, or selling ranks with administrative power.
  • The group must be a part of an industry and it cannot be a fan group, military group, or any group without an industry.
  • The group must announce our events and communicate with us consistently.
  • Must provide 2-3 representatives.


  • What is the name of the group that is applying for an affiliation with Monaco Bakery? Please provide the link to your group and Discord server.
  • Why do you wish to form an affiliation with Monaco Bakery?
  • What makes your group stand out from other groups that may have interest in forming an affiliation with us?
  • How will your group benefit Monaco Bakery?
  • How will Monaco Bakery benefit your group?
  • How many members does your group have?
  • If this affiliate application is accepted, who will be representing at Monaco Bakery on behalf of your establishment?
Code of Conduct

Respect is our number one priority and we want to ensure all customers/guests are greeted with the uttermost respect.

All clothing must be appropriate and should not contain anything that is offensive towards others. You will be asked to change to your clothing if failing to comply.

Violating any rule that is listed will result in a warning. Continuing to violate the rule will lead to a temporary ban from the server game. Consequences are subjected to change depending on the violation you committed.

Staff have the every right to warn and ban any customers that fail to follow the rules. Staff members are to enforce every rule that is listed in policies/general rules.

Terms of Service
As a player, you agreed to Roblox’s Terms of Service the moment you signed up. Any violation of the ToS will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

General Rules/Policies

Any source of disruption within the bakery will lead to consequences depending how severity. This could lead to a warning if continued after a reminder. Any major disturbance that is displayed at the restaurant will result in an automatic ban from the group games.

  • Trolling: Disturbing customers at any given time or form will be labeled as trolling. This action will lead to a warning depending how severe it is.
  • Bypassing: If caught bypassing in any game for inappropriate or disturbing content will result in either a temporary ban or permanent ban from the game depending on the severity.
  • Exploiting: Using any hack meant to cheat the game (flying, no-clipping, or anything that changes the game) will result with a permanent ban.
  • Spamming: Using the same message and repeating it multiple times is considered spamming. Spamming will result in a ban from the server, depending on the context of the message, it could lead to a permanent ban as well.

Monaco members are restricted from sharing their social media and platforms in our bakery. Advertisement could include: posting links to servers, groups, YouTube, Twitter, or any other content. This will result in a temporary ban in the group game.

Monaco is a place where everyone is welcomed although be aware not many people speak the same language. Roblox groups, especially Monaco, are marketed to English-speakers but we assisted those who don’t know how to speak English. It is highly recommended to use translator applications for better communication.

Derogatory Remarks
Respect is Monaco’s number one priority and we strive for everyone to be treated equally. Displaying derogatory remarks (insulting or disrespecting someone) will result with an automatic warning.

Not all rules are listed in this category although try using common sense at all times when visiting Monaco. Trying to find loopholes will result in a temporary ban from the server games.

Rank Information

Valued Customer: Joined the group and is unable to work yet. Customers will usually order items at the bakery from staff. In order to become staff, they must fill an application and pass a training.

Noted Customer: Someone who is well-known in the industry or a contributor to the group selected by the Corporate Team.

Trainee: Passed the application and now has to complete a training session in order to work in the kitchen.

Apprentice: A new member of the staff team who can now work in the kitchen and take orders. They have basic knowledge on the position and need a required level in order to rank up.

Junior Chef: A more experienced member of the staff team who can serve customers and cook as well. They need to reach a certain level to rank up.

Head Chef: A professional chef who has much more experience and can serve and cook for customers. They need to reach a certain level to rank up.

Senior Chef: The highest tier chef who is a master of cooking and serving. They must show dedication and professionalism in order to get an Exclusive Application for Staff Assistant.

Staff Assistant: Staff Assistants are the first MR Rank at Monaco and can be earned from an Exclusive Application or Public Applications. They assist in supervising the bakery, attending training sessions, and need to complete a set of requirements weekly.

Supervisor: The next MR rank who have shown dedication and understanding to all Monaco guidelines and rules. They assist in supervising the bakery, attending training sessions, and need to complete a set of requirements weekly.

Bakery Manager: Bakery Managers are responsible for hosting shifts in the bakery and ensure that everything is running smoothly. They also host training sessions and complete their set of requirements weekly.

General Manager: General Manager is the highest middle rank position. They have all the responsibilities of conducting shifts, hosting trainings, complete their weekly requirement, and assisting their co-workers.

Corporate Assistant: Corporate Assistant is the first high ranking position. Upon being promoted to Corporate Assistant, you will be given access to a department, which is either Public Relations or Staffing. If you choose to join Public Relations, your duties will consist of managing alliances and planning events. If you choose to join Staffing, your duties will consist of managing the staff team and ensuring that everyone is following all set rules and guidelines within the community. Overall, you are mainly considered a high ranking official that is responsible for ensuring that all group operations are running smoothly by participating in discussions and completing department work.

Corporate Director: Corporate Directors are in charge of leading departments. As a Corporate Director of Public Relations or Staffing, you are required to lead your respective department and provide responsibilities and tasks for your members to fulfill. Your duties are similar to Corporate Assistants and the Vice President of your respective department in a way, but ultimately, you are the leader of the entire department and you are responsible for ensuring that all operations within your respective department are running smoothly.

Vice President: Vice Presidents are seen as overseers to their respective departments. They are members of the Leadership Team and are responsible for ensuring that all group operations are running smoothly. They manage the entire group alongside the rest of the Leadership Team and do the best they can to oversee the entire staff team and ensure that their respective departments are running smoothly. In addition, they also set and enforce rules and guidelines for their staff and community members to follow.

President: The Presidents manage and oversee the entire group. Their duties are very similar to the Vice Presidents, but rather than being assigned to oversee a respective department, they oversee both departments and manage the entire staff team.

Co-Founder: The Co-Founder is the individual who founded the group alongside the Founder. They are considered the group’s co-owner and work alongside every member of the Leadership Team to ensure that all operations are running smoothly.

Founder: This individual is the sitting owner and founder of the company. They own the group and are responsible for ensuring that the executives and Leadership Team are following the rules and guidelines and fulfilling their duties.

More coming soon…

Thank you for spending the time to review Monaco’s official public handbook! The High Ranking individuals here at Monaco hope you have a better understanding of our general protocols and procedures within this establishment. Additionally, our team is more than happy and ready to help answer any questions anyone may have-- don’t be afraid to reach out to our executives if you have any questions regarding the group, or any of the stated information!

Monaco Bakery Corporate Department