Monetisation stats should be accessible on game launch

I cannot see the Monetisation tab for my new game.

This is poor UX; if I was a new Roblox developer I wouldn’t even know I could see how much money my game was making.
As an experienced developer I know it should be possible, but I don’t know how to “unlock” this tab.

What my new game sees

What my older game sees

It is not good practice to refuse to tell developers how to unlock these additional categories on the Create page, especially when they know they exist from other games they develop.

The solution should be to list this Monetisation option (and all the others), but show me the DAU requirement when I click on them. Better yet, don’t have a DAU requirement on something as critical as monetisation stats. My game makes Robux as soon as it has one paying player, why is Roblox refusing to show me these statistics?

Currently the User Acquisition tab always shows, even when it is not usable due to a DAU requirement. Even so, it currently shows an error message rather than a user friendly explanation of the requirement.


Hi Daniel:
Thanks for the report. We are aware of this issue. User Acquisition should not be seen in the menu until your experience has passed the 10 DAU requirement. We are working on a fix.
Regarding the all the metrics available on Day 1, we are working with our internal team to try to improve this situation. We will update to the community once we have it.


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