Monetization Analytics Category "Commissions" doesn't include items sold by group

When viewing my game’s monetization stats from the analytics dashboard, the number for “Commissions” in the past 72 hours is 360:

However, I know the game has made more from in-game commissions because when checking my Sales of Goods report, I see I am receiving the 30% sale, and 40% commission together. I believe this 360 is from all other items, excluding including mine.

(Item price is 100, 30% from sale, 40% from marketplace = 70 total)

For this specific case, the group is Mxtty Games - Roblox and the game is Every Second You Get +1 Soldier - Roblox

Expected behavior

I would expect that my commission sales from items created by the group also be included in the monetization info for the game they’ve been sold in.

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Hi koob:
I think for this case, if you are selling your own item in your own experience, we consider all the values are original sales. So they are part of the revenue for that avatar, the commission for this case is 0. But the total number of robux you earned is not wrong, all 70 robux are counted as revenue for your avatar.
Does that make sense to you?

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Thanks for getting back! This makes sense, however I believe this directly negatively impacts conversion rate. If I sell my own item in my game and it’s not registered through the game, I believe that it won’t increase the CVR, ARPDAU, Paying users, etc. Since these are directly tied to recommendation, analytics, etc, I want to make sure these sales are still being counted towards these vital monetization metrics.

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We have confirmed that the attribution of commissions for your item when sold within an Experience will not impact the discoverability of your experience

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After talking with the team, it seems this behavior doesn’t negatively impact metrics that influence recommendations. Just because they’re not listed in this category, does not mean they’re negatively impacting core metrics.

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