Monetization - prices too high?

Packs Prices:

  • Noob Pack: 50 :robux:
  • Starter Pack: 75 :robux:
  • Pro Pack: 75 :robux:
  • Beta Bundle: 100 :robux:
  • Bloxy Pack: 125 :robux:
  • God Pack: 500 :robux:
  • Hacker Pack: 1250 :robux:
  • Infinity Pack: 3000 :robux:

Cash/Crystal Prices: (10 :robux: = 10,000 cash/45 crystals)

  • Tier 1: 10 :robux:
  • Tier 2: 25 :robux:
  • Tier 3: 75 :robux:
  • Tier 4: 150 :robux:
  • Tier 5: 500 :robux:
  • Tier 6: 1000 :robux:
  • Tier 7: 2400 :robux:
  • Tier 8: 4000 :robux:
  • Limited Offer: 5000 :robux: (Most expensive item in the game)

Right now I just summarized the prices of all of my dev products. I feel I may have to lower some prices, as no one is gonna buy a product for over 2.5K. They might if they are a very popular YouTuber.

I’m just gonna say this. I can guarantee that I’ll need to lower prices. Unless I don’t.

If (More like when) I edit my prices, what shall those prices be?


Although I’d hardly call myself a monetization expert, I do have a few tips:

  1. Make sure the purchases actually feel like they are a good deal. Don’t force players to pay for upgrades, make them believe that they get a legitimate benefit for it.
  2. Consider changing your prices to revolve around Robux pricing/Premium stipends. I doubt many people want to have to buy two packs of Robux to get something. Also, as a Premium player, I don’t want to have to purchase extra Robux in addition to my membership.
  3. Use flash sales, bonus game passes, and other tactics to help you leverage high prices. 500 Robux may seem like a lot, but if you only need 100 then put it on sale to increase demand. This can also help with retention by encouraging players to check back frequently in order to avoid missing deals.
  4. Take advantage of Premium Payouts. These can really add up quickly and don’t require players to spend any money at all. Put effort towards making your game engaging and attractive to Premium players.

You really want to go down the micropay path? I don’t recommend making anything too pricy. Price stuff that you want players to buy over and over again 1k MAX. and your power ups and game passes should be 2k max.


youd be surprised how many people buy products which cost over 2.5kR$

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I honestly think the prices are pretty reasonable, they seem kinda cheap actually.

Thanks for your answer. I will try to use the Robux packs as a reference when changing prices. I will also use some sales, not on game passes, they are too cheap but I’m making them more expensive soon :grinning:.

@Legoracer oh really? I have no idea how many people do that.
@plasmablast2006 I’m glad you think that you think it’s cheap, but I need to start getting sales as I literally have only gotten like 5.

For premium payouts, should I give them a multiplier if they are premium? Maybe also give them cash every 30 minutes?

What kind of game is it? Maybe if you have a pet system you could give them a cool pet or something along with a multiplier.

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It’s something called a free model tycoon :frowning:

I tried something like that, but the effect was negligible. Because Premium Payouts are calculated using a rolling 28-day engagement dataset, I would say that adding special daily rewards for Premium members with increasing value over the course of a month would be the best way to increase Premium Payouts. You could also add some smaller, less frequent rewards for non-Premium members so that they don’t feel left out.

TLDR: I recommend giving Premium players a month-long daily rewards path to make them want to come back each day over the course of the month.