Monetizing Gears

Is it okay to monetize Roblox Gears from Catalog as game passes? Or is that not allowed?

Yes that’s allowed like millions of games have been doing this for years

For short like @Orbular3 said, surprisingly yes. It is allowed. It would be because loads of obbies like “obby obby obby obby obby” have gamepasses for a certain item for a bunch of robux, so if it weren’t taken down for that reason, they are allowed which is actually allowed to this day.

You are allowed to monetise gear but not for the reasons stated above — both posts above offer bad advice. Monetising gear isn’t allowed because “other games do it”; never listen to this kind of advice, each case may differ and others doing something doesn’t mean it’s allowed. Why it’s really allowed is because Roblox allows you to use anything they upload, except if done as part of a partnership with another IP, as if it were your own content.