Money Click Detector Script Won't Work

Hey everyone, so I have a problem.

In my game, there is a money bag. If you click on the money bag, a sign’s number will go up. That will determine how much money you have.

I set a string value as the status, and the sign’s text is the value of the status. However, when I click on the money bag, it does not go up.

Here is my script:

   local moneybag = game.Workspace.MoneyBag
   local clickdetector = script.Parent
   local status = game.ReplicatedStorage.Status
   local moneytext = game.Workspace.Sign.SurfaceGui.TextLabel2

status.Value = status.Value + 50

Help appreciated! I’m not a good scripter so this is kind of hard for me to figure out how to do.

Since your status is a StringValue, you cannot increment it by a number. Try changing the value to a NumberValue or IntValue instead.

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Like he said or you can use tonumber