Money GUI Value

Does anyone know how to make my money GUI round up like the leaderboard does because right know my GUI shows the exact value.

If you are talking about adding and reducing cash, you can create a leaderboard in a server sided script and also create intvalue with your cash inside. you can script events to add or remove cash when you do something, it will be automatically updated in the leaderboards

use math.ceil(), i just realized what you’re asking about, sorry.

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You can use math.ceil()

For example,

local leaderstat = player.leaderstats.Cash

TextLabel.Text = math.ceil(leaderstat.Value)

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You could try something like "Money: "…math.ceil(Player.leaderstats.Money.Value)

If it’s not rounding correctly try one of these
To round up and down use math.round()
To round down use math.floor()

try this, I have never tried math.ceil() so i’m not sure how it works

`Money: {math.ceil(player.leaderstats.item.Value)}`