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Note: The plug-in is free, idk why y’all think it isn’t

Monkey defender is a advanced anti-virus, made to protect your game while not forcing you to comb through scripts to see if they are viruses, or real legitimate scripts that your game needs.

Why use monkey defender?

Smarter Require Detection
Monkey defender doesn’t just blindly flag requires as a virus, it directly loads the ID that require is calling, and checks to see if the loaded script is a virus.
Lots of detected viruses and backdoors
We are constantly adding more virus keywords and virus script names to Monkey Defender. With these updates building on a database of over 100+ detected script names and multiple virus functions that are detected, you always have up-to date protection from our plugin.
Code is open sourced
Even if the plugin ends ended up costing Robux, you can make your own version of the plugin by using custom UI and our completely open source script.
Customizable settings
We understand that each game is completely different - One game could have no need for teleport service, whereas the next needs it to function. This is why we added the ability to turn on and off certain flags, so that you can protect your game without unnecessary false flags.
Custom Threats
You now can add/remove custom threats and script names that you want to detect! This allows for an even more personalized plugin and less false flags!
More Features
Our plugins supports lots of different features, like auto quarantine, easy settings, and more! We constantly add new features to improve your experience!

What are you waiting for? Get the plugin for free, here!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please leave all feedback(bugs, ETC) below in the replies :slight_smile:

Contribution guide

Please contribute any “keywords” or virus script names in a reply below!

  • Keywords are things you find inside the virus, like getfenv() or require().
    Anything commonly found inside virus scripts falls into this category, even if it isn’t necessarily a luau function(if a virus script has “synapse” in comments, then this is a keyword)
  • Virus script names are self-explanatory, it’s the name of the virus script itself.

why would you blacklist IsStudio as a keyword? This is a useful function of run service, with many legitimate uses albeit most being testing purposes.

string.reverse is also useful, just because you don’t need to reverse a string doesn’t mean somebody else doesn’t.

getfenv also has uses, although more advanced, it has legitimate uses.

Having the option to flag HttpService/TeleportService is redundant as you have to specifically enable these in studio rather than them being automatically enabled

Whilst this was definitely made with good intention and effort was put into it, I don’t see myself getting a lot of use out of this.


My bad, haven’t used IsStudio a lot, only have seen it in virus scripts.

I guess, however I very hardly doubt there are many use cases where you can only use string.reverse.
Either way, in the rare use case this has, they can simply allow it and not have to deal with it again.

Fair point :+1:

Why do people bother making studio “Anti viruses” and even having the audacity of making them paid?

The best antivirus is simply deleting all the scripts from free models or actually following the good practice of not having scripts in the workspace. There is never any good reason to have a script in workspace, there are always other options.

Usually the only people that ever think about using “anti viruses” are people that are new to Roblox Studio and the people that try to “sell” antiviruses are the ones that want to profit off of them.


I wasn’t going to make it paid(I can’t even do so), I simply said that to prove my point. Saying “even if the plugin cost 100000M robux, you still have the source code” would be the same thing, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sell the plugin for 100000M robux ;-;

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How is making a plugin fairly priced audacious? The code doesn’t matter it’s about if the creator actually gets paid fairly for their work. Disgraceful and needless comment


ChangeLog 1.1[Beta]

  • Added ability to turn on and off clone deletion(flagging clone scripts if one clone has already been flagged)

  • Added ability to add custom keywords and script names to the threat list

  • Added ability to remove keywords from the threat list

Guys, don’t bully the developer, it might not be the best anti-virus, there might be major flaws but remember this forum is to help, and plus his plugin is free.

I have no problem with paid useful plugins but please let me know how a antivirus plugin deserves to cost robux?
These kind of plugins are basically just praying on people that are new to programming/Roblox Studio

Nobody that has experience with Studio or coding on Studio will appreciate a plugin like this.
Either way im not gonna argue with people on the devforum over a plugin like this. /muted post


this section of the forum is not to help, it’s to release resources. #help-and-feedback is for help


If you don’t like the plugin, don’t buy it. It’s that simple :slight_smile:

No need for negativity or insulting behaviour.

If you’re going to be critical of the plugin, do so on its own merits as a plugin, and not on superfluous factors.


ChangeLog 1.2

  • IsStudio is now an optional keyword(can be enabled/disabled in settings)
  • Small bugfix that makes module script names get scanned as well as the contents of the module script
  • Added ability to have the plugin automatically quarantine threats(found in settings)

Install the update now! Monkey Defender | Anti-Virus - Roblox

Recently I’ve seen many plugins entirely relying on name-based detection; I can’t believe people even bother making these. Thanks for making this!

There is a lot of room for improvement though, I see that you kind of repeated everything when it comes to buttons. I also see that you take a string value, and call string methods without a : for whatever reason… You could have just used the string library itself. Also the unnecessary waits, the repeated if statements around the end, incorrect checking of multiple conditions…

I’ve made a pull request fixing the most important issues I’ve found, but I think that the code should be rewritten.

Speaking of pull requests, you should add a LICENSE file. The MIT license could work in my opinion.

There are some things I’ve found in your pull request that make sense, like table.clone(). I didn’t even realize I could have used this! I’ll be implementing some(most) of your suggestions from the pull request!

One thing I will say is that most of the waits do have a use, as they prevent the plugin from outright crashing Roblox studio.

Thanks for the help!

Waits are only necessary in long (usually infinite) loops. It would make more sense to move the waits out of the threat loops and to the script detecting loop in which you iterate over the descendants, as that is the actual loop which could crash Studio. Also, task.wait can wait for shorter amount of seconds than wait, which would make the iteration faster while still preventing crashes.

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