Monkey 64 - Open source platformer

Hey everyone, this is a project I had worked on with @funeer, he made the character and animations, while I did the programming

The game never went anywhere, so I’m leaving it here for anyone to learn from, it has some cool stuff, like a custom character controller, a state machine, and custom replication using springs

If you can’t play in studio you might have to start a local server, or play from the client.
I probably did something wrong when implementing ProfileService

Have fun and let me know what you think :shark:

Monkey 64 (OPEN SOURCE).rbxl (175.2 KB)


Could you post some examples videos?

Yea ill try, the game should be public for now though

I’m pretty sure this isn’t your fault, but this sounds very interesting and I would like to see what it looks like!

Sweet! nice movement system… monkeyssssssssss

Sorry for it being short lol, but this is what it looks like


Very nice, I might consider using this!

Very good work, if i were to make my own platformer i will learn from this as a first!

lol cute monkey good job on modeling it.

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This module is extremely bananas!


m o n k e (By the way your engine looks amazing!)