"Monkey" and "Frog" items recieving "unknown error" when attempting to configure sales page

I did a series of monkey and frog items yesterday, and the website behaviour is being extremely strange when trying to configure them.

Some of them are able to get through set up properly, but others seem to be rejecting the title “Monkey” (such as “Monkey Vest”).

Even still, others that were accepted with their proper titles are unable to be edited further (as I’m trying to go through to update the cross links for the sets using the emote instead of the name, since the website is rejecting the names).

Overall just some sort of bug related to the term Monkey and Frog.

Page URL: https://www.roblox.com/catalog/14797452511/Vest

This issue has gotten worse. The auto-moderation is now rejecting random emojis (Which I use in titles).

For example the Skull emoji, or the pumpkin :jack_o_lantern: emoji that i use for halloween items. This new change also has a new error of “text moderated”.

So it’s definitely a new change put in place the last day or two.