Monkey Café hiring builders and scripters!

About Us
Hello there! We are Monkey Cafe, a small upcoming game development team. I am looking for builders and scripters today to work with the team.

The Team
@SquishyMuffinz2009 Scripter/owner

You can see our progress so far here:

About the job
We are looking for professional builders and scripters to join our team, we need really good builders and good scripters to help us out.

Example of a building style.



We need 50 or 30 chairs a desk for the cashier when a guest walks up to them with a new menu. We think it will take up to a few hours or so.

Right now I don’t really have any Robux, but I will really try to pay you, if I don’t I’m sorry. I will really try to pay you much as I can. I will pay you guys the Robux.

Contact Us
You can message me on Roblox, by clicking here.

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