Monster Planets [ALPHA] - Play Now!

Hey everyone,

On behalf of team :space_invader: Monster Planets :ringer_planet:, I’m happy to say our [ALPHA]
is officially LIVE!

We’re appreciative of all the comments and feedback received through our dev cycle as it’s really helped shape the game. That said, being an [ALPHA} we’re still looking for more feedback/ suggestions to improve and tune the experience further, and of course for players to help us log and track down bugs lol.

If you’re interested in helping test or just want to drop in to check it out and hunt some monsters, please do! There’s nothing more satisfying than :space_invader: :gun:…just saying.

Subsequent updates will be provided as we introduce new features, functionality, and of course new monsters to hunt.

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully play. Happy hunting!

If you haven’t already and would like to support the game moving forward, please join the official :space_invader: Monster Planets :ringer_planet: group for news and updates.!/about


Looks great!

But here are some things you can look at and fix!

Whenever I keep joining on PC it keeps giving me a weird camera position and it won’t let me talk to Kai.

Another thing I found is Bioengineer Jeff is unanchored, I can push him around the map.

The stuff you can improve is the UI designs for the gear icon.


You could make a better style for those gear icon like how you have done for this:

Overall, good job and huge congratulations on your game launch!

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I was checking out the game and I just have some stuff I’d like to say.

  • Thanks to the devs for being very kind!
  • The game is great! It has a very cartoony vibe to it and I would say to advertise it to kids.
  • like h_nt said I would love to see some custom made UI for the toolbar at the bottom and it would be
  • I’d also love to see the UI rounded, it would complement the overall nature nicely.
  • If you could make the text a custom billboard GUI name tag text I would love to see that.
  • I love the jeeps they have very nice physics and they look great.
  • One thing I’d like to see is if you could add some sort of spacesuits that you spawn into instead of your original clothes. It would also make the game feel more complete. The clothes you have in the thumbnails look great and if you could make it so that your face would only make it into the suit I think it would be great.

This game looks great and it’s only in alpha so I’d love to see what you can make!

look at that!

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Wow looks great fire job! Great great work!

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This is a lot of fun! I had a great time playing with some of the devs and and the gameplay is fairly straight forward. I agree with everyone else that the UI needs little bit of polish, but other than that it’s a great experience. Looking forward to see what comes next :slight_smile:.

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i remember playing this. i like the game :slight_smile:

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dude seriously this is so good, i usually dislike when stuff is smooth shaded low poly but i am in love with the look of the game

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Thanks for trying it out and sending the notes, appreciate it!

  • Kai’s quests aren’t actually active yet, need to add a coming soon and deactivate…doh!
  • Good flag on anchoring the NPC’s! On the list just haven’t gotten to it.
  • Improving UI and overall polish def part of post-alpha

Thanks man and glad to hear you had fun. Saw you briefly on Friday but couldn’t stay long and had to jump out.

Like I mentioned to @h_unt too, overall polish totally something we’re tackling now post-alpha but the recommendations are great.