Monster Truck Designs (Idea)

Would you like to see these ideas for car designs for the game “You Garage”?
I know that details are still missing but they have not been added yet

(Here my example)


  • murjarquitecto

This is awesome I can’t wait for your game to come out!


Those models are great! Keep up the good work.

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looks good as always. looks like the wheels in the first picture clip the car body a bit, not sure if that’s too big of a deal though. :+1:

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Good, it feels terrifying seeing this on the road

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Thats looks very immpresive! It looks similar to the Jailbreak build and the wheels are just amazing
Cant wait to check this out :smiley:

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The first time I thought the same as you but I guess it won’t be that important. :smile:

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