Monsters of Etheria - Remapster FAQ

Last Updated: 3/30/2020 @ 1:43PM EST

This post is to answer some of the more frequently-asked questions we’ve received about the upcoming map update, and to provide more information on some of the other changes. This post may be updated over the next couple weeks.


The new map will be released at some point between March 20th (at the earliest) and the first week of April (at the latest). It may be released on a weekend.


The old map was primarily built back in 2015. Since then, Roblox has evolved, and we feel that the current map is too old, low quality, and small for us to continue providing you guys with new, great content. The new map is roughly 5x larger than the old map. This does raise concerns about the server size: we intend to increase the amount of players per server by as much as 50%.

I like the old map more! Can I still play on it?

We understand that many of you may be sad to see the old map go (the nostalgia is strong!), but as the primary programmer for the game, I urge you to explore the new map and grow accustomed to it. Allowing players to play on the old map would double the amount of places I have to maintain. Because of the difficulties this would present, you will not have the ability to continue playing Monsters of Etheria on the old map.
For people who want a quick nostalgia trip, I will be uploading the old map to a place separate from the main game where you can join to view the old map. This place will not have any scripts and you will not be able to play as an Etherian. In a sense, the old map will become a Showcase to see how far we’ve come.

What happens to our old data?

Almost all of your old data will be saved. One major thing is getting cut: all of your “Normal” skins. These skins are necessary to actually use Etherians, and you got them by completing the main “unlock requirement” for that Etherian. ALL other data will save: your levels, movesets, prestiges, other skins, items, titles, and more. The only thing we are erasing are the normal skins, to force you to re-unlock all of the Etherians.

PS: Because people are confused, Normal skins are the skins called “Normal”. You won’t lose any other skins. You keep your rainbows, your celestials, your exotics, your inverteds, your event skins, and whatever other skins you could possibly think up.

Why are you erasing Normal skins?

As said earlier, the current map is far too old, low quality, and small for us to provide real content. Because of this, you may have noticed that many old unlock requirements were uninspired and boring. For example, you unlocked Minnart by prestiging Salablinder once, and you unlocked Boxling by “entering” each building in the main town.
As the head developer for the game, I consider most of these requirements to be both lazy and boring to actually do. Because of this, we are revamping almost all unlock requirements for Etherians. With this change, we decided that we wanted to start everybody off fresh by putting everybody through the same, new experience of unlocking Etherians.

Will we get compensation for our legacy Normal skins?

You will be given a brand new “Prestige Voucher” for each Normal skin you lose. A Prestige Voucher automatically Prestiges one of your Etherians once. For example, if you are a P5 Boxling and you use a Prestige Voucher, you will become a P6 Boxling. This is different from a Max Voucher in that you will not be raised to level 100 first: instead, you are brought to the next Prestige and your level is not reset.

What’s happening to Elusives?

When I started the Elusives program, I didn’t intend for it to become as over-saturated as it now is. Some Elusives are incredibly easy to unlock (i.e. Parky’s Elusive Obbies) while some are near impossible (Magu). The issue is that there are too many Elusives: staff are unable to handle the sheer amount, so they allow other users to give them out, which has lead to toxic behavior and drama. To stop this, we have decided to change how Elusives work.
Starting with the new map update, all Elusives will be obtainable via the Prestige feature. We are currently deciding what the price will be, but most likely each skin will cost either 5 or 10 P-Tokens.

Will we get compensation for our legacy Elusive skins?

You will be given the Bronze skin for every Etherian that currently has an Elusive skin. The Bronze skin is meant to be a Tournament mode reward, so note that it will become available again in the eventual future. For now, you can flex your new, exclusive skin!

What’s happening to Crates?

Because countries have begun to set regulations for how games can handle lootboxes, we are changing the crate system. Specifically, all crates will become self crates, and duplicates will no longer appear.
For example, the Regular Crate currently contains 11 different skins (Red, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Cyan, Brown, BW, Inverted). When a new Etherian is released, if you open 11 Regular Crates while using that new Etherian, you will unlock all 11 skins for it. The same is true for the Creation Crate.
Self Crates will be rebranded as “Multi Crates”, and give 3 skins instead of 1 skin each. You can only open a Multi Crate if your Etherian can still unlock 3 more skins from crates.

Where will the old map be stored?

The old map is available for showcase here: