Monthly Developer Stats are totally breaking down for popular games

(6/9/2017) Edit: The graphs have become even more broken since the original post. Total values and individual platform stats are not being displayed correctly, as shown in the second post below. They just plummet towards zero.

(8/8/2016) Original post:
This is kind of strange. When viewing the monthly developer stats for my game ROBLOX High School, the correct number of per-platform visits & average visit length are displayed, but the total amounts are stuck at 0.


Avg. Visit Length:

However, on my other less popular games such as Sharpshooter Mines, the stats are working perfectly fine.


My assumption is that the issue may have to do with the large number of monthly visits to RHS in particular. (These stats started breaking down after 5-10M+ monthly visits) Any other popular games seeing this issue?


Update: the monthly graphs have only broken down even more since the original post. The individual platform stats aren’t being displayed correctly anymore.

Roblox High School monthly graphs ![|690x351](upload://38oQWno0gCm5mGRHCIBOzxAUTaq.png)

Even the monthly stats for my other game Sharpshooter Mines are broken now, and it doesn’t receive nearly as much traffic as RHS.

Sharpshooter Mines monthly graphs ![|690x345](upload://w1QUdUIIXZCJ6xP0X00OH0MkYn4.png)


this is still very broken and has been for a long time