Moon 2 animation broken in Roblox's animation editor

The Issue

I’ve been working on simple animations for a custom bird rig I’ve made. No apparent issues what-so-ever with the model or joints (everything is done as I usually do). And everything worked just fine during the animation process in Moon 2.
But then when I attempt to open up Roblox’s animation editor to publish, the position values for every keyframe break yet rotation values are completely fine.
I assume the cause of this issue is because of the Model’s Scale property. Which I set to 4 prior to animating as I find it inconvenient to animate on small rigs roughly 1-2 cubic studs. Setting the scale back to 1 also recreates the issue in Moon 2.

Showcase of Issue

Extra Info

I’m fully aware that I can just reanimate things, but I am really hoping there is a workaround or if I did anything wrong. Above all else I assume this is a bug with just Moon 2, because I can animate just fine with a scaled model in Roblox’s animation editor & it still works descaled.