Moon Animator glitches when I reopen a file

When I save a Moon Animator file, close and then open Roblox Studio and open the Moon Animator file again, the animation becomes glitchy. The torso’s movement arrows and rotation circles (I do not know what else they are called) appear far away from the actual torso which causes the animation to also be really weird. I also notice that all items that are not characters/rigs disappear as items on the project.

How do I fix this problem? How do I do it so that it does not glitch in this way and that all the items are there when I open it again and that I hopefully do not have to redo all the animations and have to leave moon animator open for a long time?

So far I have tried just not closing Studio or the Animation file and leaving the computer on (which is kind of bad for the computer but I have to for a project I am working on). I accidentally closed it though and now I lost it for the 4th time. The way I can (sometimes) fix it is to copy the animation and clothes over to a new rig, but most of the time it doesn’t work and I have to redo the animation all over again. This problem started happening more recently but I have had some similar problems before. Please help.


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I have been forced to quit as a Roblox animator now due to this probably unfixable error…