Moon Animator Help(Fixed)

Hello Everyone! My name is doddlehead26 and I’m a aspring animator and a new one.I have a lot of questions about animation,so Ill keep this portion short.

1.I’m trying to animate my knife freely to do knife tricks and stuff along those lines.I want to be able to animate my knife freely without my right hand,but I have a knife is not moving in my animation it moves,but everytime i play the animation it doesn’t register that I moved the knife
robloxapp-20200515-1740187.wmv (614.8 KB)

(I’m using a free model knife)
as you can see my knife moves but the software doesn’t detect that it moves I’ve seen a lot of forums and videos explaining how to do this,but I either do it wrong,or it just doesn’t work.

2.I have a R15 character that has a joint that looks broken.I was wondering if their was anyway I could fix it

I don’t know if you can,but I’ve seen people that have connected joints in the knee.

3.I was wondering if you can animate a tree.I wanted to animate a tree to make it move like the wind is hitting it.

4.What are the easing styles that most animators use?
I know it depends on what their animating,but if you are making a walking animation.
What easing styles would you use?

5.How do you get the title Animator next to your name?
(Juts curious) :monkey:

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You can join a group on devforum that allows to get that role.

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1.) Please add a video, but make sure that the knife has a transparent object called “Handle” and is welded (NON-ANIMATABLE) to the knife and it is grouped, then weld the handle and the RightHand/LeftHand and then make the animation.
2.) Use RigEdit to re-make your joints, find a video on YouTube to help,
3.) Never tried, but MAYBE you could make a tree have rigs? (Stump-MainPart-Branches-Leaves)
4.) Walking animations would PROBABLY be Quad-Out (that is what I use)
5.) I am pretty sure you would need to join a specific group on DevForum, don’t know how.

You are welcome!


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P.S for 1.) The weld for Handle-Hand should be Animatable!

Thank broshv for your helpful advice and also do you think you can show an example of what your talking about in question 1?

Thank you Scythe Slayin :smiley:

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This should help. Follow the tutorial, imagine the gun is the knife. Hope this helps!

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