MoonAnimator not working

I’m trying to make an animation where 2 people move, but when I try to rotate the body parts of the rigs, they don’t move. I’ve tried by resetting the rigs but it still hasn’t worked. (resetting the rigs also means changing them or swapping them, basically retrying)

  1. Make sure everything (Limbs, Tools, Accessories) is unanchored except the humanoidrootpart of the rigs
  2. Make sure the rigs don’t share the same name under the same parent
  3. Make sure the rigs have the PrimaryPart as the HumanoidRootPart

How do I tell if it is primary part of the characters

Select the rig model and look at the PrimaryPart property.


I do not see that, is it cuz my settings, nvm I found it

Still doesn’t work despite all those things being proper sadly.