Moonlight | Hiring Developers

Credits to @xF_xith for the icons

About Us

Hey! We are Moonlight! A cafe group. I know what you are thinking… Oh god, its another cafe group. Yes, you are correct we are another cafe group but we need some developers and will pay!

The Team
@Hayden_A28 - Scripter and Builder
@kaykay328692 - (Not on the DevForum) Community Manager
@Techniux - Part-Time Builder
@bruceywayne - Scripter
@Username - Full-Time Builder
@Username - Animator

You can see some of our group projects and progress under our group.

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced builder to join our team and help build our cafe along with other small models! You will have access to edit the game fully along with other development members!

Our game is excepted to be complete as soon as possible, excepting 1-1.5 months at max, although it would be nice to be done within a month.

Must Have

  • The age of 13 or more.
  • Examples of your work upon applying.
  • A decent computer.
  • Experience with the building.
  • Experience in working with others.
  • Active.
  • Respectful.

Nice to have

  • Member of the DevForum.
  • Discord for Communication.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Not afraid to show what you think or tell your opinion.


We will be paying with a percentage of game revenue. (Don’t stop reading) We do have a backup payment in place if the game does not succeed. We do except revenue from, Merch, Game passes, Donations, and Rank Purchases.

Contact Us

You may reach out to me via the following:
Discord: HaydenA#0001
Or on the DevForum Of course!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post!

Am confused, if you dont give percentage from merch, gamepasses donations and rank purchases, so how else are developers getting a percentage?

Read it again:

We DO except revenue from, Merch, Game passes, Donations, and Rank Purchases.

Sorry, must have misunderstood.

Its ok! Glad I could help you!

I am interested, i sent you a friend request on discord
I am AtomicNuke#0677

I have a pre-made cafe i never used before but i have not done the interior.

Added. I sent you a DM aswell.

Ok, could you send me some pictures in Discord or message me?

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